Importing Devices from System Information Files (Mac)

Using System Information App

You can use one or more saved SPX files from Mac OS X computers in order to import Devices into Monkey Box automatically. SPX files are created by the "System Information" app (10.7+) or System Profiler app (10.6-).
  1. Launch System Information/Profiler, which is located in /Applications/Utilities/
  2. Click File > Save.
  3. Use the saved file in the Monkey Box import window.

Using the Command Line

SPX files can contain a lot of information, and thus be quite large (several MBs). As a result, we also allow importing SPX files that have been created from the command line. Using the command line allows limiting how much data is being saved, reducing the file size to only a few kilobytes (20-30 Kb) in size, and shortening the time needed to generate. Below is the command that should be used, which generates the necessary information for a Monkey Box device import to succeed.

system_profiler SPSoftwareDataType SPHardwareDataType SPNetworkDataType SPNetworkLocationDataType -xml > ~/Desktop/MacBook.spx

In the command above, we are invoking the system_profiler command, and providing 4 arguments necessary to export the necessary data:
  • SPSoftwareDataType
  • SPHardwareDataType
  • SPNetworkDataType
  • SPNetworkLocationDataType
In addition, we're using the -xml option, and then save the file using a .spx extension (required!). We're then saving the output to a file on the current user's desktop.

This saved file can then be imported into Monkey Box.
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